Visitation Policy

The Bridges Visitation Policy

The Bridges visitation policy guarantees families the right to visit their loved ones receiving care in our community.  The Bridges policy allows for in-person visitation in all the following circumstances:

  • End-of-life situations
  • A resident who was living with family before being admitted and is struggling with the change in environment and lack of in-person family support.
  • A resident who is making one or more major medical decisions.
  • A resident who is experiencing emotional distress or grieving the loss of a friend or family member who recently died.
  • A resident needing cueing or encouragement to eat or drink which was previously provided by a family member or caregiver.
  • A resident who used to talk and interact with others and is now seldom speaking.

Additionally, The Bridges allows a resident the option to designate a visitor as an essential caregiver.  In-person visitation will be allowed by the essential caregiver for at least two hours daily in addition to other authorized visitation.  Visitation hours are daily from 8am until 9pm.  Temperatures are taken upon entry to the community and wearing a mask is encouraged when within six feet of a resident.