Nurses On Staff Sets The Bridges Apart

Having Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses on our nursing staff sets The Bridges apart from other assisted living communities in the area. One or more of our nurses is here for 16 hours each day, seven days each week; this ensures that our residents receive closer supervision of their clinical symptoms and disease processes.

Nurses notify physicians of significant changes, review medication orders to ensure that the medications on hand reflect the most current physician orders; they also communicate lab and mobile x-ray results to physicians, monitor blood sugar levels and insulin administration. Our nurses also take an active part in educating residents and family members regarding the reasons certain medications and tests are ordered.

But probably the most important role our nurses play is to communicate often with all of the residents’ physicians, both primary care and specialists; this constant flow of communication allows us, in a very timely manner, to obtain orders to treat clinical issues that might otherwise have resulted in a trip to the Emergency Room. Our nurses Jeff, Jared, Jackie, Director of Resident Care, Deanne and Yolanda (not pictured), make a positive difference for our residents each and every day!


Our nurses including Jeff, Jared, Jackie and Deanne.