The Bridges Receives A Favorable Survey Inspection

Biennial Inspection Survey Is Citation-Free

The Bridges Retirement Community was recently granted a citation-free survey by The Agency for Healthcare Administration, the state agency that oversees the operations of all assisted living facilities in Florida.

The purpose of the unannounced visit by the Agency was to conduct a biennial inspection of the facility to verify compliance with the many rules and regulations that are required of a licensed assisted living facility and ensure that residents are happy and well cared for. The survey process inspects all areas of an assisted living facility including nursing care, medication management, employee training, meal selection and service, cleanliness and input from staff, residents and family members through private interviews conducted by the surveyors.

A citation-free survey indicates the surveyors found no deficiencies and quality services are being provided to residents at The Bridges. According to Donna Steiermann, The Bridges Executive Director, “It is due to our outstanding staff that continues to dedicate their time, talents, and unending kindness and compassion that we passed our inspection with flying colors.”