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At the Claridge House . . .

we offer premier living for everyone interested in benefitting from varying degrees of personal care. We believe that we should encourage you to do as much for yourself as you can safely manage. Our services enable you to live a lifestyle that you will enjoy and that will optimize your daily living.


“Sometimes in life the solution to a problem comes along at just the right time.  For us, that solution was The Bridges. In the fall of 2009, my parents' health had declined to the point that they needed to find an assisted living facility (ALF). We had far more experience with nursing homes and assisted living in the region than we wished because of my in-laws' health, and had concerns that none of those facilities suited my parents. Then, in October of that year, The Bridges opened its doors, and our concerns vanished. From that first day through today, the staff and facility at The Bridges have been "the answer" for our family.

"While the building itself is beautifully designed and maintained, the real success at The Bridges is found in its people, from the most senior executive to the newest aide. In many other ALFs, there is frequent turnover of employees, which means the residents and their families never get to know the staff members or develop trust in them. In contrast, many of the employees at The Bridges today are the same ones who welcomed us four years ago. They know my Mom's conditions, her history, and her preferences, for everything from the room temperature to dessert!

"They also go the extra step to get to know the rest of the family, and are wonderful about keeping us informed. The attitude is one of collaboration ... a joint effort of the staff and families to best meet the residents' needs. It is common in business for such a mindset to be held by upper management ... at The Bridges, the entire staff has bought into it, and it shows in every interaction they have with the residents and their families. I expected some of them to give my Mom an occasional hug; I was pleasantly surprised to find my wife, my daughters and I are often similarly greeted by many of the employees!

"All of this has made it obvious to us that the people working at The Bridges are not there just to earn a paycheck; they are there to enhance the quality of life of the residents by providing compassionate and attentive care 24 hours a day. The residents may be the direct beneficiaries of these efforts, but in the end we benefit as well, in the form of better sleep and fewer worries, knowing the caliber of people who are watching over our loved one."

— Brian, Son of Claridge House Resident

“Upon arrival, a dedicated team of caregivers attended to my mom and dad with expertise and gentleness. An environment surrounded them with love, friendship, fun, cleanliness, security, and beauty. A community of friends encompassed them with smiles, laughter, and reassurance. The administration … the nursing care … the food service … the housekeeping … the maintenance … the planned activities — all areas of service formed a team to enrich my parents’ lives and provide them the finest in senior care. A day does not pass that my mom and dad do not experience a gentle touch, a comforting word, a loving hug, and professional attention that brightens their lives.”
— Susan Warren

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how very happy I am that my mom is at Claridge House. She loves the food, the activities and the overall ambiance of Claridge House. Today, I can proudly tell others where my mom lives. And, the response from others hasn't changed – 'What a wonderful place!' I have yet to hear one negative word."
— Karen Crenna

"The Bridges is the Disneyworld of assisted living. "It's a feel good place." It's not one aspect that makes you feel this way; it's a multitude of all the areas working together for the good of the residents and their families. The staff is always compassionate, accommodating, energetic and professional. The housekeeping, dining, maintenance, transportation, administration and nursing teams treat and care for my parents as if they were their own. As a loved one, you cannot ask for more than that. Thank you Team Bridges for making my wish for a loving environment come true."
— Anne McFee

"Words seem inadequate to describe what a wonderful place The Bridges is. Every single member of the staff I have encountered in every department, from top to bottom, has always gone above and beyond to make sure the residents and their families are comfortable and well taken care of. If you are considering an assisted living facility, you will simply NOT find a better place than The Bridges."
— Anne Curran, Daughter of Claridge House Resident

"I just have to tell you how pleased we are with the care Mom receives there. Other than her grief, she appears to be happy and adjusting well. Our family appreciates the kindness and respect shown to her. She is the light of our lives and deserves the best. I feel she gets that at The Bridges and we thank you and the staff there."
— Lee Wheeler, Daughter of Claridge House Resident

"My Dad has Stage II Alzheimer's. He recently lost his wife. This left my two sisters and me with some very important decisions. After visiting The Claridge House and meeting the staff, my sisters and I realized that The Bridges was the best option for our Dad. Since arriving at The Bridges Dad has made remarkable progress, including cooperating with the nursing staff, physical therapy three times a week, and eating his meals more frequently in the dining hall with friends he is making. And, this very day, which truthfully I never expected my strong-willed father to ever do – he voluntarily went to a balancing class. Dad has made huge strides while he has been here and I attribute this to the excellent staff at The Bridges. They are supportive and helpful and fully trained, capable, and prepared to handle the wide range of needs for their residents."
— Thomas H. Nicholson, III, Son of Claridge House Resident

"There is a saying that it takes a Community to raise a child. Well, it also takes a Community to care for the Elderly. Everyone needs to be involved. The Elderly are to be treasured, cared for, respected and honored. Bob and I feel we found that "Community" when we brought his parents to live at The Bridges last year. We really weren't sure what to expect, but the staff at The Bridges has been great! They are all so friendly and professional. They work tirelessly in ensuring the physical care of the residents, as well as their mental and spiritual care, all the while maintaining a smile and 'can do' attitude. Bob and I can go to sleep at night knowing our parents are safe, cared for and loved. Thank you for the peace of mind The Bridges brings to our family.”
— Val and Bob Templeman

"In my professional life as a speech pathologist, I have had many experiences in senior care facilities. Your medical staff is precise and responsive. The food service staff is patient and supportive. The activities staff is creative and enthusiastic. Support staff is highly aware and kind to visitors and family in all capacities. The site maintenance staff is to be commended, as all visitors and family have given us wonderful feedback about their first impressions of Jeanne's new home. The piece, however, that has made your facility shine above others is the beautiful reception room and spaces for special events and Sunday dining. I would also like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for all of the exceptional care you and the staff have given our mother. We now know that when we return to our home out of town, we will no longer have to worry that her needs will be met.”
— Jane Currie, Daughter-In-Law of Claridge House Resident

"I want to tell you that everyone at The Bridges is extraordinary and stands head and shoulders above the rest. They are always helpful, friendly, and are just great to work with. If I still had an office, I would try my best to hire them away from you. I know that this atmosphere of professionalism and genuine care starts at the top. You have great people working for you and I know you are proud of them, as you should be.”
— Walt Flora III, O.D.

"I have a family member residing at The Bridges. Because she is much younger than most residents living there, I was worried about how she would fit in. I have found The Bridges to be a community full of energy and activities. I particularly like their wonderful music program, which I know to be so beneficial to the well-being of people of all ages. I have peace of mind knowing that my family member is well taken care of and is experiencing excellent quality of life."
— Carole Fluhart, Sister of Resident

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